Our Services at a glance

AIM SERVICES was established in 1976 as a joint venture between Mitsui Group and Aramark Corporation of the United States, a major service management company. Since then, we have expanded our operations (centered on food services) to offices and factories, schools, hospitals, welfare facilities, sports stadiums and training facilities. Every day, through some 3,900 locations throughout the country, our group overall delivers around 1.3 million meals.

Based on the business know-how that we have accumulated in over 40 years of achievements, we are creating new value in response to the type of business, facility size and needs of our customers. We seek to offer services that will satisfy all of our clients. In addition, in the operation of each facility, we have established business bases throughout the country and have detailed backup systems in place.

Business Dining

  • Offices/Factories

    We support the health of our customers through dining spaces where they can enjoy delicious food that is appropriate for their needs.

    We have around 5,000 original recipes using seasonal ingredients and reflecting regional characteristics. With the basic aim of providing vitality and fun to working people, we respond to the specific health issues of each client.

  • Conference and training facilities / Recreation Facilities / Dormitories

    In addition to food services that suit the facility, we offer comprehensive facility management support.

    In conference and training facilities – from suburban to urban – we coordinate the best environment so that customers can focus on training programs. In addition, we provide meals that meet the needs of recreational facilities and dormitories, to improve customer satisfaction.


  • Hospitals / Facilities for the Elderly

    By supplying safe and secure food, we are supporting the creation of "selected hospitals and elder-care facilities."

    Hospital food is a part of patient treatment. Food at facilities for the elderly is a source of resident vitality. At hospitals, we offer added value in ways that include “optimal time / temperature” and “choice of food.” At elder-care facilities we aim to provide food that is "easy to eat and delicious in both appearance and taste" considering the physical ability and dietary preference of the residents.

  • Nurseries / Kindergartens

    Through our food we support the healthy growth of the children who will bear the future.

    In addition to holding dietary education events and offering of substitute foods to cope with food allergies, we support the healthy growth of children from the viewpoint of dietary education, through careful communication from our staff (including those who have raised children).

  • Schools

    We support a complete campus life with food and spaces.

    We provide a wide variety of meals and pleasant communication spaces for trend-conscious students to enjoy. We also set up cafes and stores where needs are high, to enhancing the attractiveness of the campus.

Refreshment Services etc.

  • Refreshment Services

    We can propose office refreshment spaces that will offer a definite quality of relaxation and comfort.

    Throughout Japan we supply coffee- and tea-machines and water dispensers in around 50,000 locations. We offer a lineup including carefully selected home-roasted coffee beans and top-quality tea leaves, to help create spaces that promote relaxation and communication.

  • Cafes / Convenience stores / Kiosks

    We provide comfortable spaces that can be used freely at any time.

    We can customize cafes (offering drinks and light meals) or kiosks that have a diverse range of items, depending on the space available and the menu. From licensed-brand stores to our own brand stores, our goal is to enhance the added value of a wide lineup of facilities.

  • Administrative and General Affairs Outsourcing

    We provide detailed support for daily office administration.

    We provide administrative and general affairs support to create an environment where customers are able to specialize and concentrate on their core business. We also offer services such as reception and telephone exchange, post mail delivery, meeting room setups and catering.

Sports and Entertainment

  • Stadiums / Entertainment Facilities

    We provide total production of food and spaces at entertainment facilities.

    Using our comprehensive capabilities, backed by an impressive performance history, we support a wide range of management requirements at stadiums and entertainment facilities. We offer custom-made services that go beyond the boundaries of food in response to diverse customer needs.

  • Sports Training Facilities / International Competitions and Competition Sports

    We respond in fine detail, using our rich experience of world standard and our advanced expertise.

    Aramark Corporation of the US has played a central role, from consulting to management, at global sporting events and international conferences where the world is watching. We provide meals to athletes, VIPs and staff based on this wealth of know-how.

  • Workplaces Cafeterias and Hotel Dining Facilities

    We aim for food and services that will satisfy visiting customers.

    With the growing emphasis on food, high-quality food and spaces are required for workplace cafeterias in office buildings and at hotel dining facilities. We promise the taste and services that meet the needs of the facility and satisfy the customer.