Help support Japan's future
through our "food service".

Eating is living.It defines an affluent lifestyle.It helps create a healthy body.

Food is a vital element that supports the basis for life.
AIM SERVICES, supplying food to people of all generations in a wide range of locations,
is expanding its activities to support the healthy and affluent future of people’s lives.

Our 3 expectations


Safe and secure food
that supports healthy minds and bodies Every day we want to deliver safe
and secure food.

Our greatest mission is to ensure that daily food is safe and secure.
These are expectations that each and every one of our employees continue to hold.

Safety and security

To offer safe and secure services to our customers, we have put in place a health and safety system that covers each step, from procurement to distribution, cooking and service. We have also enhanced our risk management systems to cope with disasters and food accidents.

Employee training

To be able to offer services that satisfy our customers, we rely on the efforts of a diverse range of employees. We actively promote improvement to employee training and the work environment, and we make efforts to enhance the motivation of our staff through our in-house award system.


Diverse and healthy food that conveys the value of eating We want to define the relationship
between "health“ and diverse "foods"
that fit the life stage of the customer.

There are foods that we want people to eat, depending on their stage of life.
Through food, we are supporting the affluent and healthy lives of people of all age groups.

Dietary education for each life stage

We are developing a comprehensive dietary education program, keeping in mind the health issues faced by each age group.

From infancy to school age, to adolescence, to young adulthood, to middle age and on to old age
The changes in life stage bring changes to a person's body, their physical activities and their lifestyle habits. AIM SERVICES is helping to make people's lives better by addressing the health issues of each age group and proposing a way of eating that best suits each one.

Changes in the body, physical activity and health issues by age group

Life stage Childhood Working age Old-age


Scool stage(elementary


Youth stage(18 - 39)

stage(40 - 64)

Elderly stage(65+)

Changes in the boby and phisical activity

Establishment of the physiological functuions of the body

Phisical and mental growth and development
(primary sexual characteristics phase)

Increased physical activity

Phisical and mental growth and development
(secondary sexual characteristics phase)

Increased physical activity(sports)

Disturbance of lifestyle

Lack of exercise

Smoking and drinking

Lowering of the basal metabolism and body functions

Increase in stress

Motor function deline
(Iocomotive syndrome,etc.)

Deterioration of swallowing function

Health issues

Skipping breakfast

Disturbed nutrition balance

Disturbed nutrition balance

Excessive drinking

Metabolic syndrome

Lifestyle disease

Metabolic syndrome

Lifestyle disease

Pursuing customer satisfaction

Our specialized organizations mostly strive to create new functions that in turn create added value. We work to improve the satisfaction of each and every customer by supporting diverse eating habits. We do this through the planning and development of a wide range of services and menus, and the proposal of foods that suit the life stage of the customer.

Service menu

Every day, our company supplies 1.3 million meals to customers of all age groups, in all parts of the country, at all kinds of organizations and facilities. We offer a diverse menu and service program to meet a wide range of customer needs, so that we can deliver great taste, enjoyment and health through food. Our menus keep up with the trends and include seasonal ingredients. They also incorporate themes such as health awareness, collaboration with the local region, and the continuation of the traditions of Japanese food culture. In this way, our menus add excitement and variety to daily food.


Food that is connected to the future of Japan To the future for an aging Japanese society.
We want to offer our clients
an appropriate "diet and eating habit."

Our theme is "extending the healthy lifespan" in aging Japan
We are contributing to the future of Japan through our supply of food.

Health management support

An increasing number of our clients are promoting mental and physical health programs to create an environment where all employees can maximize their abilities and to maintain and improve the health of their employees and their families.
Our company supports health management through the aspect of food, by offering proposals for the optimal food and beverage facilities, as well as services and menus.

We support the future of Japan from "food".

AIM SERVICES take it as our mission to offer great taste, enjoyment and health — through our food service. In corporations, hospitals, elder care facilities, schools, sports facilities and other sites in all parts of the country we are helping people from all age groups to have full and healthy lives.
Now we are focusing on "the food of the past" and "the food of the future."
While carrying on traditional food culture, we are responding to people's needs as they change from one life stage to the next, and we offer proposals for "food" that will lead to a brighter future.