• We support the future of Japan from food.


Our Vision

Always safe and secure. Hot and delicious. Nutritious, well-balanced and fun to eat. Food that gives you a sense of the changing seasons, and reflects the culture of the local region.

AIM SERVICES believes that the food you eat in ordinary, everyday life has all kinds of value. When we think about the health and future of our customers, it is really important for us to communicate the value of eating. We are taking a whole range of initiatives with these hopes and expectations in mind, with the goal of creating a rich and diverse food environment.




AIM SERVICES was established in 1976 as a joint venture between Mitsui Group and Aramark Corporation of the United States, a major service management company. Since then, we have expanded our operations (centered on food services) to offices and factories, schools, hospitals, welfare facilities, sports stadiums and training facilities. Every day, through some 3,900 locations throughout the country, our group overall delivers around 1.3 million meals.
Based on the business know-how that we have accumulated in over 40 years of achievements, we are creating new value in response to the type of business, facility size and needs of our customers. We seek to offer services that will satisfy all of our clients. In addition, in the operation of each facility, we have established business bases throughout the country and have detailed backup systems in place.