CEO‘s Message

AIM SERVICES was established in 1976 as a joint venture food service company between Mitsui Group and US Aramark Corporation. Since then, the company has grown with support from our clients and customers by offering efficient, high-quality service and responding to changes in society and their needs.
Thanks to the support we have received, our business areas started from offices & factories have expanded to hospitals and facilities for the elderly, schools, conference and training facilities, stadiums and entertainment facilities, offering food & support services and refreshment services, and during our journey, grown to a company that provides not simply meals but also to provide hospitality.
Today, we come to offer approximately 1.3 million meals and services every day at 3,900 locations nationwide.

In recent years, the social environment surrounding businesses is changing rapidly, particularly, the impact by the COVID-19 was great enough to give us the opportunity to reconsider the significance of the company itself. Including medical professionals who are working hard every day, meal is the source of vitality for all and its roll is essential. As a company dealing with social infrastructure and life related services, we have come to realize the weight of responsibility of supporting the social activities without suspending our services at any time.

Looking ahead to a post-COVID-19 world, with the creation of higher values related to “food & hospitality ” in mind, we will actively proceed with developments that are health management support utilizing ICT, cooperation with local societies and support for athletes in the sports field. At the same time, by sincerely addressing to the diversifying and deepening subjects of our clients, such as realizing sustainable society which includes issues as respond to the shortage of human resource and consideration for the global environment, we will challenge to changes and innovation as their irreplaceable partner.

We will continue to aim to be a Hospitality Services Company that contributes to society, as each of our employees steadily works by doing what they can do at this very moment, in the spirit of our brand concept: “ — your ‘thank yous’ are our greatest motivation.”

President and CEO Makoto Kodani

Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

We seek to achieve customer satisfaction,

Employee well-being and

Corporate growth by delivering

High-quality services in an efficient manner.

Health and Safety Declation

In supplying services,

We shall follow all pertinent rules,

And place top proprity on safety and hygiene.

Company Overview

Company name AIM SERVICES CO.,LTD.
Head Office Ark Hills Front Tower,2-23-1 Akasaka Minato-ku,Tokyo 107-0052
Telephone +81-3-6235-7500
Representative Makoto Kodani President&CEO
Established May 6,1976
Capital 1 billion yen
Main shareholders Mitsui & Co., Ltd.
Business areas
  • Food and support services for compaines(offices,factories,dormitories,etc.)
  • Food and support services for hoepitals,social welfare facilities,etc.
  • Food and support services for meetings,training facilities,recreation facilities,etc.
  • Food and support services for scools,student dormitories,etc.
  • Food and support services for sports venues,entertainment facilities,etc.
  • Food and support services for workplace cafeteias,hotel dining facilities,etc.
  • Office tea and coffee vending machines,water dispensers, drink catering
  • Comprehensive services for dining facilities including design, cleaning and facility management