AIM Sustainable Action

small eco resonance can eventually become a large echo and change the future of the earth.
AIM SERVICES are committed to working together with our customers toward the realization of a sustainable society.

Our directions for Sustainability

The impact of our business activities,
serving approximately 1.3 million meals per day,
is by no means small.
We will think about the future of our planet together
with our customers who use the facilities
we operate under contract.

Toward a Sustainable Society

Providing safe, reliable and tasty meals

Providing safe, reliable and tasty meals

Integrated management of food ingredients from the place of production to the provision of food to customers. In addition to working with local producers to procure sustainable foodstuffs, we continue to provide meals under thorough safety and hygiene management with a focus on taste and quality.

Thinking about and supporting the future of the earth and the environment

Thinking about and supporting the future of the earth and the environment

Recognizing that small daily efforts can lead to environmental protection and climate change action, we will continue to build on our efforts to conserve energy, recycle, and reduce food loss.

Wishing happiness and health to all

Wishing happiness and health to all

We respect the personality and individuality of all people and strive to maintain and improve a safe and stable work environment. We will also continue to protect the sound and healthy lives of our customers and employees as part of our mission as a company that provides food.

Continuing to work with the community

Continuing to work with the community

As we expand our business nationwide, we are committed to contributing to the revitalization of local economies by staying close to each region and actively promoting initiatives to employ human resources, use food ingredients, and support producers.


Based on our corporate philosophy and code of conduct, we have been providing high value-added services in response to changes in social conditions and needs, thereby realizing our corporate slogan, Help support Japan's future through our “food service”.

In today's society, where needs are becoming more diverse and deepening, such as reforming work styles, addressing human resource shortages, and caring for the global environment, we formulated our Basic Policy for Sustainability in December 2018 to address these issues and contribute to a sustainable society. Furthermore, with the aim of promoting our commitment to the SDGs, we established eight priority goals in December 2019, after organizing their relationship with our business activities.

We will continue to support our customers' health, our clients' health management, and work style reforms, while striving to conserve resources and reduce waste and energy, as we work together with our clients to realize a sustainable society.

Eight priority goals in the SDGs

Goal 3: Good health and well-being
Goal 5: Gender equality
Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth
Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities
Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production
Goal 14: Life below water
Goal 15: Life on land
Goal 17: Partnerships for the goals

Basic Policy on Sustainability

AIM SERVICES has formulated its Basic Policy on Sustainability concerning 5 key areas:
1. Food safety, 2. The environment, 3. Human rights, 4. Labor, and 5. Business practices.

We will strive to procure and provide safer, more secure products and services, and will also contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, by taking seriously the effects of our business practices on the environment and on human rights.

Our Basic Policy on Sustainability in relation to the 5 key areas

1.Food safety

We place a priority on ensuring food safety, since food supports the future of people’s lives.
To ensure food safety, we aim to establish a prevention-based food safety system that covers not only microbial hazards, but also includes allergen control, the management of non-food materials in contact with food, supplier control and food defense.

2.The environment

To reduce the environmental burden, through our environmental activities we are striving to further promote our programs for sustainable improvement, and are actively encouraging the use of raw materials with a mind to resource conservation.

3.Human rights

We respect the personality and individuality of all people, and we encourage the prevention of unfair discrimination and human rights abuses.


We strive to maintain and improve our work environment, where employees can work with peace of mind and a sense of stability. We will enhance our personnel systems to make the achievement of a work-life balance and diverse working styles easier.

5.Business practices

We respect and comply with laws and regulations designed to ensure fair trade, such as the Antimonopoly Act and the Subcontract Act, and we respect intellectual property rights such as trademark rights. In addition, we recognize that each and every employee is a member of a local community, and so we aim to contribute to regional development through our work.

Environmental protection

ISO14001 acquisition

After the acquisition of ISO14001 certification on November 24th, 2000, we have introduced environmental management system into all our business activities and are working to reduce our environmental burden in various scenes.
And by formulating Basic Policy on Sustainability in December 2008, we strive further to combine the environmental management system into our business.

ISO14001 acquisition

Waste reduction through planned cooking

We use our unique menu planning system (8 STEPS) to achieve no-waste ingredient procurement and menu planning, so that we can reduce food waste generation, reduce quantities and promote recycling. For example, by reducing food loss through accurate forecasting based on daily operational data, making planned purchasing, conducting inventory management, using pre-cut vegetables and using a menu plan that matches the customer’s preferences, we are reducing the amount of food disposal and unsold items.

We also manage our food waste. We separate our waste, and measure and record it as we strive for waste reduction and greater recycling. Used cooking oil is properly treated and recycled. Furthermore, we use a centralized distribution system to reduce the number of delivery vehicles and thus cut emissions, to help with environmental problems.

Employment of persons with disabilities

Our company is helping disabled people to be independent by actively employing them. We started our program to employ disabled people in-house in 1992 and we began accepting trainees from a nearby special-needs school (currently a special support school). Since then, following the development and expansion of this in-house system, more than 300 people are actively employed in more than 200 units nationwide.

AIM Services Japan Co., Ltd. Employment of disabled person (as of June 1, 2022)

  • No. of employing units: 235
  • No. of intellectually disabled persons: 259
  • No. of physically / mentally disabled persons: 104